Work Stress reduction supported by health and lifestyle changes

hypnotherapist Seattle-Tacoma

Whatever issues you may be faced with in life, I consider it a privilege to help you work through them. My role is to first understand your challenges and concerns, as well as your expectations for change. Together, we try to identify your habitual reactions to perceived stressors and replace them with new attitudes and coping strategies.

Our work will focus on:
  • Learning quick and effectives stress reduction and relaxation techniques.
  • Developing workplace confidence and resiliency.
  • Improving concentration and focus.
  • Overcoming insomnia and restoring healthy sleep patterns.
  • Creating and committing to enjoyable fitness habits and routines.
  • Attaining and maintaining your ideal weight

As you start to see results, you become more positive, purposeful, and productive. Your growing confidence creates an energy and expectation that drives a virtuous behavioral feedback loop. Internalizing your new beliefs, you become the change!

Free Initial Consultation

I offer a free 30-minute consultation in my office so you can get a sense of whether we are a good match for each other. This initial consultation is an opportunity for me to decide whether or not I will be able to help you, and for you to decide if you are comfortable working with me to achieve your goal(s).

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